Learning Center: Law Firm Website Design

7 Amazingly Beautiful And Functional Law Firm Websites To Inspire You

A good law firm website design can generate more leads and higher conversions. If you run out of ideas on what to include on your law firm website in order to attract potential clients and get bigger and better cases, we’re here to help. Be sure to check out these 7 amazing law firm websites and get all the inspiration you need.

  1. Malman Law

To begin with, the law firm website has a very attractive picture on the home page which tends to humanize the brand. Having a picture of the founder on the very first page is a great way to make potential clients comfortable with you as soon as they land on the website. The site also offers a unique value proposition at the right-hand section (Trust, Experience, Results). Their choice of words is perfect because these three things are what most potential clients are looking for when hiring a lawyer.

Key takeaways from Malman Law

Create a web design that incorporates elements such as your picture to make leads comfortable with your brand. Make sure your value proposition is clearly stated for all to see as soon as they land on your law firm website.

  1. Oberheiden Law Group

This law firm has really invested in a clean and professional looking website design. Their site conveys a sense of professionalism very effectively. From their choice of colors to the written word, there’s no denying that everything has been carefully selected to bring this beautiful website to life. It’s one of the best websites for law firms that have conveyed seriousness by appropriately choosing its colors.

Key takeaways

Choose website colors that will evoke the right emotions and convey a professional and serious outlook which will reflect in your cases.

  1. Boughton Law

This law firm website has really made their unique value proposition well pronounced on the home page. It’s the first thing you notice when you land on the site. The thing with taking your time to come up with a unique value proposition is that it enables you to convey the right message to your potential clients. In this law firm website, they clearly state that they do things differently as a value proposition.

Boughton law is emphasizing to potential clients that they are highly experienced and capable of getting things done. For someone who wants to find an employment lawyer in Toronto, these are core considerations. The law firm has used the word differently to showcase that they don’t just offer the kind of service you would expect everywhere else. It’s what makes them better.

Key takeaways

What makes your law firm better than the rest in your region? Think about this and come up with a strong value proposition for your clients. Also make use of images to draw attention to your website and showcase your work.

  1. Taylor Janis Workplace Law

If it’s inspiration you’re after, this law firm website will give you lots of great ideas. The design is brilliant, to say the least. The company has used images effectively to emphasize on their practice area - workplace law. They want to provide visuals and content that is striking to both employers and employees. These two parties will face different issues and have different questions which the law firm website ensures that it caters to both. We just love how the information has been sorted right from the beginning so employees and employers know where to find it.

Key takeaways

If you’re targeting different groups of people, come up with a design that allows you to distinguish content for each. This will enable you to provide the right information and answer questions that are relevant to each group of potential clients.

  1. Brett McCandlis Brown

The personal injury and wrongful death lawyers have really worked on their content strategy. Their website is a true definition of what you’d consider an informative platform that’s easy for users to navigate. As soon as you get to the homepage, you can quickly tell what the law firm is about. They have listed their practice areas and used imagery to highlight each section.

The images used on this website for each practice area represent exactly what the field is about. In fact, this site has really made good use of images as a way to drive the point home. The images used are not too over the top or exaggerated. They’re just ideal for highlighting the type of case each practice area handles.

Key takeaways

Choose the images you use on your law firm website wisely. Images can make or break your website design and even hinder your conversion rates.

  1. Axiom

This law firm website is really keen on capturing user attention with their strong call to actions. Their information is summarized in a very simple way so it’s easy for the user to choose their next step. The navigation used is relatively unique but still user-friendly. If you need the inspiration to come up with content that is striking and appealing to your audience, this is one law firm website to give you some great ideas.

Key takeaways

Think outside the box and come up with creative call to actions and punch lines on your law firm website.

  1. Frank J. Glinsky, PC

It’s important to let clients know what you stand for as a law firm. This message should be clearly displayed on your homepage. Frank J. Glinsky, PC has perfected this on the website. They convey a message of being caring, patient and understanding lawyers, which is what every potential client is looking for. One striking element on their homepage is their effective use of client testimonials. We know potential customers always want to check reviews of your law firm before making a decision to hire you. This law firm website has made client testimonials a prominent feature of its design.

Key takeaways

Let customers build trust in your brand by conveying your values and giving client testimonials prominence on your landing pages.