Google Reviews for Lawyers: Guide for Law Firms
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Google Reviews for Lawyers

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The Importance of Google My Business Reviews for Lawyers

Google Maps has become an integral part of life and one of the most important tools from the tech giant. Where would we be without the omnipresent GPS data that guides us wherever we go? Not only does Google Maps offer unparalleled convenience since we no longer have to carry Maps or ask people for directions, but it’s also an important and powerful digital marketing tool. It allows businesses/places to be easily found both online and offline, it allows businesses/places to reach targeted, local customers, it has great reviews and is good for SEO, and it is free of charge.

For law firms, Google Maps plays a key role in connecting with potential clients. By optimising search results for a law firm through client’s Google reviews, legal services can increase brand awareness and establish credibility in the legal industry users search front.

Making Google Maps Work for Your Law Firm

To make Google Maps work for your law firm website, you need to do more than create an account. Google My Business listing optimization is the greatest factor that affects your website and ranking in search engines, but equally important is Google Maps review optimization best law firm. Below are tips to help you achieve success with Google Maps reviews for law firms:

  • Google Reviews: Encourage clients to leave Google reviews. More Google reviews can lead to a strong online presence for your law firm. Positive Google reviews are essential, while a few negative reviews can be managed effectively.
  • Online Reviews: Online reviews on platforms like Google can significantly impact a law firm’s visibility. Encourage past clients to write reviews, and respond to both positive and negative reviews to build trust.
  • Law Firm’s SEO: Optimise your law firm’s SEO by encouraging clients to leave reviews. Google reviews are important for SEO, and more reviews can lead to more leads for your legal firm.
  • Digital Marketing: Utilise digital marketing strategies to promote your law firm’s Google reviews. Online marketing efforts that focus on collecting reviews can lead to more clients and enhance your law firm’s reputation management.

How to Write Law Firm Google Reviews

When encouraging your customers to write Google reviews and your law firm google reviews for yourself, ensure they are writing genuine and useful positive reviews for your law firm. Here’s how:

  • Relevance: The reviews should only provide information relevant to the law firm being reviewed. Encourage reviewers to include details like date and time visited, legal matters handled, service received, and their overall experience.
  • Unbiased Approach: Reviews should be unbiased, and there should be no mention of individuals’ names. Law firms should not shy away from negative reviews since these are expected, and potential clients will be sceptical if all reviews are positive.
  • Credibility: The reviews should be credible and coherent. Proper grammar and punctuation should be used. Positive reviews should reflect the client’s genuine experience with the legal services provided.
  • Compliance: The review will only be useful if it abides by the Local Guides content policy. Encourage clients to write legitimate reviews that adhere to Google’s guidelines.

How to Leave a Google Maps Review on Mobile

Leaving a review on a desktop computer is straightforward, but more and more people are also leaving reviews of Google reviews other lawyers’ on mobile devices. Here’s how to leave a review for attorneys and law firms on a mobile device:

  1. Look at the ‘hotdog icon’ and click on them to open the admin section.
  2. Click on “settings.”
  3. Enter your Google ID and password.
  4. Use the search feature to locate the law firm you want to review.
  5. Scroll down, and you will find the option to leave a review.
  6. Leave your review and save. Note there is an “edit your review” option that you can use at any time.

How to Ask Customers to Leave Google Maps Reviews

Most law firms ask customers to leave Google Maps reviews for your law firm, so this is nothing to be ashamed of. Here’s a good review of how to do this:

  • Email Method: Send a review URL to your clients via email and ask them to click on the URL to leave a review. Use a URL shortening service like Google’s URL shortener.
  • Word-of-Mouth: Ask visitors who come to your premises to leave reviews. Encourage them to do so once they leave the premises if you have public Wi-Fi, as Google algorithms delete reviews that come from the same IP address.

How to Ensure Your Online Reviews are not Deleted

Google removes reviews of current and potential clients that do not follow the Google review’s review policies. When asking clients for reviews, ensure they understand what is acceptable to the Google review, and the public and what is not. Examples of such reviews are:

  • Reviews that directly advertise something else.
  • Spam and fake reviews.
  • Commercial/promotional content.
  • Reviews that have been posted multiple times or in other forums.
  • Reviews that are off-topic.
  • Profane, obscene, or otherwise offensive language.
  • Conflict of interest (accepting money to write a positive review or reviewing your direct competitor).
  • Hate speech.

How Law Firms Respond to Google Maps Reviews

Responding to customer feedback by their clients writing reviews and Google reviews is a good practice for law firms, as it helps build trust with clients, and create a personal connection with clients. Here’s how:

  • Professionalism: Do not get personal since it’s difficult to win an argument with a frustrated client. Your responses should be useful, courteous, and readable, in compliance with Google’s local content policy.
  • Brevity: Keep the responses short and sweet – readers can be overwhelmed by overly long responses.
  • Gratitude: Always remember to thank your reviewers, even those who leave negative reviews. Look for reviews that can reach multiple clients at a time.
  • Avoid Salesmanship: Do not take review responses as an opportunity to be a salesman. Share something new about your law firm, but avoid advertisements and incentives.

Tips for Responding to Negative Google Maps Reviews

The way law firms respond to negative reviews could make or break their reputation in legal matters. Here’s how to turn negative review feedback into positive engagement:

  • Acceptance: Do not take the negative feedback as a personal attack. Accept it with gratitude and openness.
  • Avoid Defensiveness: Do not spend a lot of time trying to prove the reviewer wrong.
  • Ask Questions: Engage the client to understand their concerns.
  • Resolve Issues: Resolve issues quickly and update the reviewer once done.
  • Apologise: Apologise if you were in the wrong, but do not over-apologize.

How to Move Google Maps Reviews across Listings

Law firms may need to take new clients or move client reviews around across listings depending on the situation and potential clients. Here’s when and how:

  • Change of Physical Address: Google will generally move your old reviews to the new location.
  • Change of Ownership: If the management has changed with no change in name, Google will not remove the reviews.
  • Rebrand: Reviews will be removed in the case of well-known, distinct brand names.
  • Change in Name due to Change in Underlying Services: Such reviews will be removed.
  • Disassociation of Partnerships and Business Affiliations: All reviews will be removed.

Has Google Deleted My Reviews?

If law firms find their Google reviews missing, they and attorneys must ascertain the client’s concerns and reason to ensure they do not lose even more reviews. Possible reasons more google reviews include:

  • Marked as Spam: Most reviews are deleted due to IP address issues.
  • Problem with Google My Business Listing: There might be a problem with the law firm’s Google Business Profile.
  • Technical Error: The deletion could be a result of Google making a technical error or experiencing glitches.

Understanding why reviews are deleted helps law firms take corrective action, collect new positive reviews, and maintain a strong, positive online reviews presence.

Why Would Google’s Algorithm Flag a Valid Review as Spam?

Google’s algorithm might mistakenly flag fake reviews as some review requests a valid review as spam for various reasons:

  1. IP Address Issues: If multiple reviews share the same IP address.
  2. Public Wi-Fi Connection: If customers connect while you have logged into your Google My Business account.
  3. URLs in Reviews: Reviews that contain URLs are not allowed.
  4. Offensive Language: If a review contains a word that Google does not like.
  5. Employee Reviews: Reviews and ratings from your employees are not allowed.
  6. Phone Number in Review: A trigger for possible spam.
  7. Duplicate Reviews: Google does not allow for duplicate reviews.
  8. Conflict of Interest: Reviews by managers of businesses’ Google accounts.
  9. Far Away Locations: Reviews from locations too far away from the location of your business.

More Reasons Why Google Might Flag a Review

Understanding why Google might flag a negative review as spam is crucial for law firms to maintain a strong and more positive reviews and online reviews presence. Here are more reasons why google reviews important here:

  1. Rapid Influx of Reviews: If you get a rapid influx of many reviews over a short period.
  2. Referring URL: Google records the referring URL, and if it’s not spontaneous enough, it may penalise it.
  3. Multiple Business Locations: Over-enthusiastic clients may leave the same review on different pages.
  4. Unrealistic Number of Reviews: If you run a small legal firm in a rural town and have an excessive number of reviews, Google may remove most of them.
  5. Blank Google Account: If the reviewer’s Google account is completely blank, this warns Google for possible spamming.
  6. Reviewer Deletes Account: If a reviewer deletes his/her Google account, associated reviews are also deleted.
  7. Inactivity on Google My Business: If you stay inactive on your Google My Business for a continuous 6 months, your business will be unverified.
  8. Too Perfect Reviews: Reviews that look too perfect will attract Google filtering.
  9. Third-Person Reviews: Google only allows customers to write about their specific experiences.
  10. Offering Incentives: You cannot offer discounts, free products, or other incentives for reviews.
  11. Multiple Businesses at Same Address: Google will see this as a red flag, especially if the businesses are in related industries.
  12. Flagging by Others: Someone can flag your review if they believe it is inappropriate, misleading, or fraudulent.
  13. Poor Grammar: Google will not accept reviews that verge on incomprehensible.
  14. Personal Information: Reviews that include personal information are not allowed, especially in the legal industry where client-lawyer privilege is sacred.

Google Maps Bug and Google Glitches

Sometimes, most law firms may face a Google Maps bug that affects their reviews. Here’s how to sort the issue:

  • Visit Your Account: Log into your account at
  • Select the Business Location: Click on “Manage Location” then “Edit.”
  • Wiggle the Map Marker: Click on “Google Maps” on the “Published On” section and then “Suggest an edit.” Wiggle the map marker and click “Submit.”

This action forces Google to clear the cache and update your location, helping your law firm’s visibility.

Problem with Your Google My Business Listing or Website

Your positive Google reviews could disappear if your Google My Business account or website is not sending the right signals. For example:

  • Suspected Hacking or Malware: If Google suspects hacking or malware, it will not actively direct clients to your business.

Can I Regain My Deleted/Missing Google Reviews?

Unfortunately for lawyers, law firms cannot regain deleted or missing Google reviews. The only exception is if there was a technical glitch on law firm’s Google reviews and when writing reviews.

Hire a Pro for Google Maps Review Optimization

Hiring a digital marketing agency ensures you get more positive reviews that are optimised for google business profile and maximum benefits. It helps in google business profile in a few ways:

  • Review Optimization: Keeping track of Google Maps reviews for law firms can be time-consuming. Hiring a pro ensures you can concentrate on legal services.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: Digital marketing agencies offer comprehensive solutions for optimum online visibility, including SEO, Pay-Per-Click, Social Media, and more.

Final Thoughts About Law Firm Google Reviews

Google reviews play a key role in the legal industry. They help law firms establish credibility, attract more clients, get more leads, and increase brand awareness. By understanding how consumers expect to write, respond, and manage positive online reviews, law firms can leverage this powerful tool to enhance their online marketing efforts and stand out in a field with so much competition.

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