How COVID19 Impacted Law Firms in British Columbia
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How COVID19 Impacted Law Firms in British Columbia

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dNovo was recently featured in an article in Vancouver Is Awesome magazine about the extensive work we’ve been doing with BC law firms in aiding them to adapt to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Throughout the past year and a half of restrictions, health advisories, and changing market conditions, lawyers have either seen their work greatly diminish or suddenly jump up in demand. Personal injury lawyers and immigration lawyers have seen demand for their services decrease whereas real estate lawyers, employment lawyers, and family lawyers have seen the exact opposite. On top of that, the business model of meeting clients face-to-face has been moved online with virtual consultations becoming the current norm. More legal firms and lawyers have had to adapt. Enter in dNovo.

dNovo is already highly experienced in the space where legal firms have been tasked with migrating to. We have been able to build out infrastructure to not only attract and host client interactions but also gain marketing exposure, secure social media engagement, and craft systems wherein leads are routinely caught. The result of our custom law firm digital marketing approach has meant more clients, more brand awareness, more business opportunities, and a wider digital footprint. We support law firms across Canada and the US, supporting hundreds of lawyers in cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Chicago, and others. In optimizing and streamlining digital outreach, dNovo has been able to provide double-digit percentage growth year-over-year.

Regardless of the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic, law firms in collaboration with dNovo have not only survived but also thrived. In these uncertain times, we’ve continued to deliver strong growth, with services from developing a high-conversion website to create software for virtual appointments, deploying targeted SEO strategies to outrank local competition, and a smart expansion of digital marketing.

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