Law Firm Business Development: Are You In Your Own Way?

Many lawyers often lament that they never have time to do enough business development activities. As a result, they don’t get new clients and files, they waste time on the wrong activities and services, and they don’t authentically connect with potential clients.

If you’re trying to analyze and refine strategies for your law firm marketing Chicago, it’s high time you examine how you are trying to get things done. It just might be your habits that are killing your productivity.

Here are 8 habits you need to eliminate immediately, that might be killing your productivity:

1. Multitasking

Multitasking is nothing to be proud of, and it is never as effective as concentrating on a single task. You cannot concentrate on the task at hand when you have divided attention. You’ll lack a clear focus, and the things you’re doing will not be of much quality. If you have to multitask, look for things that are similar and share common elements.

2.  Always Checking the Phone

Checking your phone all the time makes you distracted and unproductive. Some people distract themselves from things they don’t want to think about, especially when they get confronted with some sort of task or obstacle. Try to catch yourself when your impulse is to reach for your phone to refresh your email. You can do it later.

3. Not Really Listening

Listening is an art that can be learned by anyone. It really is disheartening to think that someone was intently following every word you were saying only to learn that they were thinking about something else.

When your client is speaking to you, don’t try to figure out what you’re going to say next, or even be absent from the moment. You’ll miss out important points, make blunders, and say sorry later. Nothing kills productivity than that.

4. Working With the TV On

Noise and visual distraction can affect productivity. To get into the zone you need to focus your mind on the task at hand.

5. Failing to Prepare

If you want to be productive on what you’re working on, prepare in advance. You need to put in time and effort into the things you need to get done for legal marketing Chicago.

6. Turn Off Your Notifications

How can you get anything of value done if your eyes are darting to the top right corner of your laptop because a text, a Facebook alert, tweet, and a calendar invite all popped up at once? Well, if you don’t want to be disturbed, turn off your notifications.

7. Working in Unproductive Environments

If you want to be productive, find a quiet space and get to work. Not all environments are built for getting things done. You cannot work productively in a place packed full of people talking all around you.

8. Working With Unproductive People

If you want to work productively, look for your own space. If you happen to be in the same room with other people, make them understand that it’s work time.


If you want tips for a more productive law firm marketing Chicago, dNOVO Group will help you create a marketing system that keeps you top-of-mind with your network and positions you as a credible legal expert.