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dNOVO Group is a leading Toronto-based digital marketing agency specializing in geofencing marketing across Toronto, Canada.

The best part about the geofencing strategy is that most potential customers are already ready. This is because more than 90 percent of the smartphones in Canada are compatible with geofencing technology.

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a digital marketing technique or strategy that communicates with and markets products to prospects and customers within a specific geographic area.

Geofencing defines a virtual boundary around a real physical location in a software-based geographical information system (GIS). Then accordingly, serve ads to users that enter that virtual boundary. By utilizing this marketing strategy, you can target your business location, competitor locations, trade shows, events, households (via addressable geofencing), and nearby streets and stores. The possibilities for marketing and profit-earning opportunities are countless.

It uses GPS, radio frequencies, and Bluetooth beacons to communicate between your business and prospective customer’s smartphones. Through geofencing, you can create a virtual perimeter for your targeted location and notify prospects and customers with ads as soon as they enter that boundary.

Not only does your business get noticed, but also makes them aware of the new deals, sales, or offers that they may not know of. All of this can prompt them to take the desired action or stop by at your store within the vicinity, thereby, increasing your conversion rate.

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Use Geofencing to Convert Prospects into Actual Customers

dNOVO Group – Use Geofencing to Connect, Communicate and Convert Prospects into Actual Customers.

Do you want to capture a bigger market share? Are you looking for ways to attract and convert qualified leads into buyers? Then integrate geofencing in your digital marketing mix.

dNOVO Group is a leading Toronto-based digital marketing agency specializing in geofencing marketing across Toronto, Canada.

We are dedicated to providing clients with a complete setup and fully managed geofencing campaigns at affordable prices. We leverage our rich experience, unmatched expertise and technical capabilities to laser-target prospects. We use location-based advertisements strategically and smartly for optimum results. The best part about the geofencing strategy is that most potential customers are already ready. This is because more than 90 percent of the smartphones in Canada are compatible with geofencing technology.

Thus, by utilizing our geofencing services, you can get your business noticed by potential customers at the right time when they are near your physical location. Moreover, we have the knack and the know-how to use unstructured data and programmatic infrastructure for best performance and outcomes.

Rest assured, we can take your digital advertising campaign to the next level and get you the desired results. That is not an overstatement. We have done this for numerous clients; we can do it for you too.

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How Can Geofencing Contribute to the Success of Your Business?

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    Geofencing helps businesses offer excellent customer experiences based on their location. It allows your business to engage with the target audience by sending them relevant messages on their devices (such as smartphones, laptops, tablets) when entering your pre-defined site or targeted geographic area.

    Advertisements are sent to users when they do a search in a specific geographic location, enter a neighborhood, a store, or mall. As geofencing increases customer engagement, it brings more sales and profit margins.

    Canadian businesses can use geofencing strategy across diverse industry verticals. So, no matter what industry you are operating in, geofencing can contribute to your business’s success. Here are some examples:

    Personal Injury Lawyer

    By Geofencing your law firm, you can serve ads to people who came to your competitor location or who were in an accident. We can also geo-fence car dealerships or repair centers where people may go to get their damaged vehicles repaired after an accident. It can help you attract car accident plaintiffs or defendants, putting your practice in front of people who need it the most. We can provide you with a result-driven geofencing campaign for your method that generates leads, phone calls, and attracts actual clients.

    Trade Show Exhibitors

    Geofencing is excellent for business owners who want maximum business exposure at trade shows and events. We can help you create a geofence around the trade show location anywhere in Canada. It will allow us to serve the attendees with ads that promote your business, direct them to your stall, and prompt them to interact with your brand. These ads will be served to them for 30 days after the event. It can significantly increase your chances of converting prospects into customers.

    Restaurants, Franchises and Retails

    With our fully-managed geofencing solutions, you can target potential customers in real-time when they are passing by your eatery or store and have expressed their intent in your type of product or service that you provide. Our beacon free geofencing solutions allow you to create virtual geo-fences that help restaurant or retail attract, connect, and convert prospects into walk-in customers.

    Our geofencing campaigns can transform your business by delivering more personalized customer experiences. You can reach out to potential and loyal consumers at the right time, and convert them into buyers when they are most likely to.

    Step-by-Step Guide on How Geofencing Works for a Business?

    Geofencing in Canada provides business owners with the ability to target audiences with precision and getting better results for their ad spend than zip code and city-wide targeting.

    Here’s how it works:

    • Our experts will create a virtual geo-fence around a location where the client wants to build their audience based on their visit during a scheduled time frame
    • The people who visit the geo-fenced territory during the planned time frame will be targeted during and after the event.
    • This audience will be served with the client’s ads when they browse the web via their smartphone or download different apps.
    • This audience will be able to view our client’s ads up to 30 days once they have entered the geo-fence.
    • Moreover, with the power of geo-framing, our strategists can serve ads to even those who visited the geofenced area in the last two years.

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    How Our Services Sets us Apart from Other Canadian Geofencing Companies?

    At dNOVO Group, we take pride in being the top choice for geofencing services in Canada. Here’s what sets our services apart from our competitors:

    1. Customized Strategy

    To create a well-rounded and high-converting geofencing campaign for your business, we first develop a good understanding of your business goals, requirements, and challenges. Based on our knowledge, we create a customized geofencing strategy that is well-aligned to your objectives and needs.

    2. Dedicated Account Manager

    At dNOVO Group, we assign a dedicated account manager to run and monitor your campaign. Our account manager will handle it from start to finish ensuring that your campaign runs smoothly and seamlessly and delivers the intended results.

    3. Conversion tracking set up (both online and offline)

    For the best campaign performance, we continue to track progress and tweak the campaign for the desired outcomes. Conversion tracking is performed both online and offline. Once a consumer served with your advertisement enters the conversion zone, their device is recognised, and appearance is then attributed to an offline conversion for that particular geofence campaign. While for online conversion tracking, trackable promotional codes that consumers use when purchases are made after they are served ads come in handy.

    4. Demographic and Behavioral Targeting

    We focus on demographic and behavioral targeting for best campaign results. It allows us to serve ads to individuals based on their unique customer profile, common internet activity, and purchasing behaviors.

    5. Monthly Reporting

    We monitor and track performance at every stage of the process. It helps us provide you with a complete and comprehensive monthly report.

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    Geofencing Complimentary Tactics

    Addressable Geofencing

    If you have a list of customers and business addresses, then addressable geofencing will deliver the best results. It is a type of geofencing technique designed to target households of those that are most likely to purchase your products. You can combine household physical data with an address to create a personalized marketing profile for each person in that home.

    This means that each street address uploaded into our system is smartly converted into a geo-fence, allowing you to target consumers at each physical address accurately and efficiently.

    Addressable geofencing can be used as both a standalone strategy and in combination with or extension to compliment an existing marketing campaign such as direct mail or TV campaign. Addressable geofencing efforts are:

    • Extremely Precise—It gathers public land surveying information and plat-line data from property tax for precision targeting
    • Unmatched Scalability—You can target up to one million households and business addresses per campaign
    • Foot traffic attribution and reporting—If you use addressable geofencing with conversion zones, you can track uplift in foot traffic to your advertising location
    • Multiple Advertising Formats—Addressable geofencing gives you various advertising formats to select from, including static ads, OTT, and video ads.


    Geo-Framing – Helping Businesses Make the Most of the Past Data

    Geo-framing is yet another powerful geofencing tactic. This strategy empowers businesses to target locations that people visited in the last two years. It helps you capture mobile device ids of users that entered the geo-fence area. Using this information, you can target them with ads after they have left the geo-fenced boundary or even if they didn’t see your advertisement while they were in the geo-fence boundary.

    You can use this strategy to target:

    • The audience that attended events, trade shows and conferences in the past two years
    • Locations that you know your audience visited in the past three and six months
    • Competitor locations that you know your competition have frequented in the past two years

    Key Benefits — Is Geofencing Right for Your Business

    Here are the top benefits of hiring a Geofencing agency in Canada:

    1. Improve Conversion Ratio

    It gives you the ability to geo-fence a territory and target a specific audience that visits that location. So, you only serve ads to target customers who have been to the geo-fenced place or event and are likely to be interested in your business and offerings. This further increases your chances of conversion and improving your sales.

    2. Reduce the Cost of Marketing

    Geofencing can easily cut down the cost of creating ad campaigns while producing excellent results. Since it focuses on specific and local consumers, these consumers are more likely to buy from you. Moreover, you can advertise smartly to potential customers at the right time and on the go when they are in your geo-fenced location and when in need of your services or products the most.

    3. Target Prospects and Existing Customers up to 30 days

    Another benefit of geofencing is that you can target the visitors of your geo-fenced location for up to a month. Thus, you have plenty of time to convert the potential customer into an actual buyer.

    4. Ensure Customer Engagement

    Through geofencing, you can target customers who have visited your business location with loyalty and promotional offers. It’s a proven way to increase customer engagement and stay top of mind with previous customers.

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    We can help you set up, execute, and manage geofencing campaigns across Canada. Our geofencing campaigns can help you reach out to the people that are searching for your services.

    With us, be assured that you will be investing your valuable marketing budget on leads that are qualified and highly-converting. It will also help your business grow its customer base, taking your business to newer heights.

    By integrating cutting-edge technologies and tactics like geofencing in your digital marketing plan, you can deliver excellent customer experiences to your audience in unthinkable ways. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us for service assistance. Let’s start a conversation and discuss your geofencing goals and ways to power your business to greater success. We have helped numerous clients achieve their business goals with geofencing.We can help you too.

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