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Grillo Law Personal Injury Lawyers

Grillo Law is an established personal injury law firm that has utilized traditional methods of generating leads.

Salvatore Grillo, Founder and Principal of the firm, along with Emanuele Pezzillo Director of Business Development have decided to turn to online marketing, in order to develop online exposure and generate leads.

Grillo Barristers Law Firm Marketing Case Study Design

Challenge: Web Design for Law Firms

dNOVO Group was entrusted to create new brand identity for an established firm, as well as generate new business through search rankings, google local listing optimization and paid search marketing.

The challenge was to develop from scratch and maintain strong positions through SEO marketing for an exceptionally competitive field of personal injury law.

Project Overview:


The team at Grillo Law had an older website, and their digital presence had been stagnant because of it. The whole practice needed rebranding from scratch. That meant a completely new and custom website, with new visuals, new colours, new content, new design, etc. It was our goal to create a completely new image for Grillo Law, one that reflected the professionalism and passion of the law firm.

Law Firm Marketing

The main challenge with Grillo Law was developing a strong online presence in a short amount of time. When we started working with Salvatore and his team at Grillo, the website did not rank well on Search Engines and thus had little to no new leads coming from the website. Our goal was to run an aggressive marketing campaign, over a short amount of time, in order to kick-start their new web presence. The team at dNOVO Group developed a new, clean, attractive website that is conversion optimized and easy to navigate.

SEO for Law-Firms

For Grillo Law we chose to focus on organic results for top industry keywords. Due to our custom white label On-Page SEO strategy, in just a few months we were able to index for over 50 keywords, with 12 of them being on the first page. We created a separate landing page and utilized branding in order to push it to index on Google. As time went on, the search positions kept on increasing in rankings and more and more keywords continued to rank.

DnovoGroup Digital Marketing

Solution: Personal Injury Lawyer Web Design and SEO

Part 1: Plan of Action

dNOVO Group crafted a thorough and custom marketing strategy for Grillo law firm. The approach was an all inclusive and dynamic marketing campaign, which meant to index the new website and aimed at achieving new client acquisition shortly after launch. By utilising white-label SEO we are also creating a long-term plan that would result in an established long-lasting online exposure.

Part 2: Traffic Generation

In order to attract more clients and promote the firm, it’s crucial to ensure that those interested in the firm’s services can easily find them on first positions of Google when searched for. We implemented both long and short term strategies in order to optimize the budget spent and the results of the marketing campaign both via Organic and Paid Search.


  • Strong branding was key in creating a top-class image for Grillo Barristers.
  • Custom coded and designed website from scratch.
  • Search Engine Optimization was the main component of traffic generation going into this project. We utilised exclusively “white-label” strategies when constructing the website. (Custom content written by in house legal content writers, video production, strong social media presence and more.)
  • Built strong Social Media presence on all platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn.
  • Everyone understands the importance of positive client reviews. We focused on reaching out to existing and past client in order to receive both written and video reviews and testimonials as part of the branding strategy.

Part 4: Website Conversion

It’s not enough to just increase traffic to a website, it is crucial that visitors stay on your website, engage with the content and turn your visitors into clients.


  • More and more searches are taking place on mobile devices every day. In 2015, Google announced that, for the first time, more than half of all Google searches happened on mobile. This number has continued to increase. In order to ensure customer retention, a separate, mobile website was built by our team.
  • Conversion optimization involves changing aspects of a website in order to convert more visitors into clients. Meaning visitors to your website will more likely become your clients. We went through multiple phases of testing and made adjustments accordingly. This way we ensure maximum client retention.
  • Visitors need to be able to find a site’s most important content. Through smart website design and user experience optimization, the website was built to direct visitors to key content which, in turn, increases conversions.

Part 3: Ongoing Strategy

There are many different aspects of online marketing for law firms. By creating a comprehensive and unified strategy for the firm, we have been able improve the firm’s online presence, attract more potential clients to the website and convert more of these visitors into clients.

Continuing to fine-tune and build on these efforts in the future will allow the firm to further increase its online presence, continue to attract potential clients, and grow the firm.

Results: Law Firm Search and Conversion Grow

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