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Helping Clinics, and Individual Medical Doctors with Their Marketing Needs

The dNovo Group is a premier online medical marketing firm. We specialize in new business development for medical practices, offering each business a plan tailor made to their individual goals and objectives.
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SEO For Medical Practices

Strategies Specifically for the Medical Industry

In today’s digital world only those that stay ahead of digital trends will grow their business and remain competitive. We offer our clients a comprehensive medical marketing system.

The key strategic tool in driving traffic to your site remains medical Search Engine Optimization. It secures draws traffic, grows the business and helps to drive brand recognition.

We have spent several years perfecting our proprietary, turnkey medical marketing process. It is designed to grow your medical practice by using the Internet to secure new clients.

Medical SEO
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Reach New Heights

How Can the dNovo Group Help You Increase Your Customer Base?

Our process starts with a consultation during which we get to know your business. We’ll examine your online marketing presence, your internal processes and procedures and your short, medium- and long-term goals.

We use this information to develop a medical marketing plan tailor made to suit your practice. Our marketing team will develop a comprehensive online medical marketing strategy designed to draw traffic to your site and convert that traffic into sales.

Our marketing plans are developed to cover every aspect of your business. The plan covers such diverse features as medical practice web design, medical SEO, healthcare content development, social media advertising and marketing, paid medical search marketing, video production and reputation management.

In a nutshell the dNovo Group will develop a cohesive healthcare marketing plan that covers all aspects of your online presence.

Get to the Top

Working hard to deliver more CLICKS, LEADS and ultimately CLIENTS!
Well-developed medical SEO will ensure that your medical practice comes up not only under the main services but also in response to targeted and longtail keywords during organic searches. We have developed an exclusive approach to SEO for medical practices which focuses on quality health care content.

Medical SEO – the Pinnacle of Healthcare Marketing

Medical SEO has in recent times become pivotal to driving traffic to medical practice websites. The benefits are well-documented. SEO should form a vital part of any digital marketing strategy for healthcare professionals.

Well written medical SEO delivers your webpages to search engine users when they are looking for healthcare services just like yours. It is all about finding the right kind of traffic, by offering users the information that they are looking for at just the right time.

We usually support this with a Paid Medical Practice Search Marketing strategy for your healthcare practice.

Medical Website Conversion Optimization

The professional staff at the dNovo Group has both the marketing and medical industry experience to make the right decisions when it comes to marketing your medical practice.

Whether we design a brand-new medical website like this website of a chiropractor in Ajax or optimize an existing healthcare site, we understand the importance of assessing your target market. We use this information to design a healthcare marketing message that will appeal to the demographic that you seek.

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Medical Practice Video Production

Videos are now the most popular means to consume content. And the popularity is growing. Savvy marketing professionals are tapping into this growing popularity and using the medium to target the markets that they want to sell to. Videos lead the way in digital medical marketing particularly when it comes to selling professional services. They are a great way to connect with your target market, converting traffic to enquiries. They also assist in improving your medical SEO as they move quickly up the ranks.

The dNovo Group employs a talented video production team who can design and produce medical video productions that will not only add value to your content but aid in converting traffic to clients. This team has a wealth of experience in producing informative and engaging medical video content in the healthcare industry. Our social media marketing experts are also on call to help you to make the most of this powerful marketing tool.

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