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July 16, 2019

How To Optimize Google My Business Listing For Lawyers

Anna Kalganova

Anna Kalganova

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Your Google My Business (GMB) listing needs to be properly set up if you want to get the most of local searches. Local search traffic can give you so much traffic and it should be a priority for law firm SEO. This listing allows Google to understand who and where you are. If not properly set up, you could miss out on qualified leads and lots of potential clients.

What’s GMB?

GMB is a platform that anyone can use at no cost. It targets businesses, brands, organizations, and personalities that want to manage their online presence on Google. Previously, you would use Google + pages or Google Places for Business to manage your business information on Google. However, the search engine made an important upgrade that enables all businesses to manage their listing on GMB.

Why is GMB important?

With GMB, you can update important information about your business such as the name, address, telephone number and business hours. Once you update this, you can be assured that the information will appear consistent across Google products.

–          To start with, Google will retrieve the information about your law firm on GMB and put it on a server where it is matched with all the other information about your law firm listings across the web. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the information on your GMB is set up correctly and updated before it’s verified.

–          Secondly, GMB can help you to get better search visibility. Other than your law firm website showing up on the regular search engine results, you have an opportunity of showing up on the right-hand column which gives you better exposure.

–          Additionally, GMB listing can put your law firm on the map. By listing your information, your law firm can show up on Google Maps giving you an opportunity to get more leads and conversions.

–          Most importantly, GMB listing allows you to easily manage all your law firm information and ensure that Google users see updated information when they search for your business. It simply allows you to make a change in one place (your GMB page) and this will reflect everywhere else. Some of the information that you can quickly change on your GMB listing include your business address, telephone number, website details, operating hours and photos.

With GMB, you get an opportunity to connect with your previous customers who can quickly review and rate your law firm. Other potential clients also get a chance to go through your reviews and have an idea of how others perceive your law firm.

The importance of verifying your GMB listing

Once you set up your GMB listing, it is important to ensure that it’s verified. Verification is usually done by mail or via post. This verification step is important because it’s what proves that you are the genuine owner of the business.  A pin number will be sent to you which you will enter on the verification page in order to complete the verification process.

A verified GMB listing comes with several advantages:

–          First, it enhances trust in your business and people are likely to consider you as a reputable law firm if your GMB page has been verified.

–          Once your GMB page is verified, you’re able to make changes to ensure the page has updated information and that it stands out from the rest. You can change the images to higher resolution pictures in order to improve the way your GMB page looks.

–          When you move out to a new business premise, it is important to update your GMB listing so that the previous business no longer claims the space. Having a verified GMB page allows you to make these changes and avoid misinformation on the web.

–          With a verified listing, you are able to specify the category of your business. Google usually decides the category in which your business falls under based on the information you provide. It’s best to specify your category so that you can get closer to finding the most relevant customers.

Tips to optimize your GMB page

There are certain guidelines that you need to follow in order to optimize your GMB page.

To start with, make sure you follow Google’s basic recommendations. For instance, the name of the business should be exactly how it’s stated on the website and known to customers, don’t add any unnecessary information. Your address should also be very precise so that users can get your exact location. The website URL should be specific to the business location. Make sure you also select the right category. Choosing the right category can boost Google My Business SEO for lawyers. This is because when you choose the right category, you communicate to both users and Google crawlers the kinds of services your law firm provides. Be as specific as possible when choosing a category.

What if you have multiple locations?

If your law firm has multiple locations, make sure you only have one listing per location. Each location needs to have its unique phone number. However, the name and category of the business listing should remain the same. Do not add the city on the business name.

Upload high-quality photos

High-quality photos that clearly display your business can actually help customers who are trying to locate your business for the first time. Your GMB page has a manage photos section which allows you to add different types of photos such as team photos, exterior and interior images of your business.

Why you need to get rid of duplicate listings

If you notice that your local business has more than one GMB listing for one location or phone number you need to remove this duplicate. Getting rid of duplicates is the first step. If you have duplicates, they often end up outranking each other. This means that the listing that has an outdated address or phone number can get the highest rank. This eventually misleads consumers causing you to lose so much business.

Additionally, customers will review different listings causing you to have 30 reviews distributed amongst several listings instead of having them on one profile and helping you build your reputation. Some of the duplicate listings have bad data that can show up on search and kill your local SEO efforts. Furthermore, managing duplicate listings is somewhat confusing. You can make changes to the wrong listings and outdated information would keep on showing on search.

How to remove duplicate listings

First and foremost, perform a thorough check on Google to see if you already have an existing GMB page set up. Open your Google Maps and search for your business name and phone number. If you find a few duplicate listings, pick the strongest one and find out if there are reviews on the listing which you will need to move. You may need to contact GMB support to remove the listing or merge both listings for you if need be.

If you need help with Google My Business SEO for lawyers, we’re always ready to assist. We can help you to optimize your GMB listing in order to get the most of local search results.

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Anna Kalganova

Anna Kalganova

Anna is a certified Google Ads professional, running paid advertising campaigns across multiple platforms. Her expertise include working on conversion rate optimization involving both PPC accounts and optimization of landing pages.

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