5 Reasons Why Referred Customers Are The Best Customers For Your Legal Practice

5 Reasons Why Referred Customers Are The Best Customers For Your Legal Practice
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Smart marketing strategies start by focusing on your current assets and resources. What do you already have at your disposal that you can do a better job of leveraging to the fullest? Luckily for you, you have a strong network of past clients, current clients, and supportive family and friends, which holds the potential for significant growth.

Conventional marketing approach would be to run ads with a catchy headline, online lead generation, or pay per click advertising, ignoring the most important part – leveraging relationships. You can start maximizing your existing network to drive referrals and repeat business for your law firm marketing Chicago.

Below are 5 reasons why it makes sense to focus your marketing on referrals first:

1. Instant Trust

Naturally, it is very hard for any business to persuade a customer to buy. It becomes an uphill task in the legal field because the stakes are higher and the amount of money paid is significant. However, as a lawyer, building your practice through referrals will help you circumvent this. When a colleague or trusted friend makes a referral to you, you don’t have to start from scratch because their trust and credibility is transferred to you.

2. Mutual Respect

Referred customers are easier to work with than customers who come to you from other sources. Some clients abuse your time and your staff. Others have higher expectations and become frustrated when things don’t work out. On the other hand, there’s a preexisting relationship between you and your referred clients because of the mutual relationship you have with those who made the referral. A steady flow of referrals is essential for your legal marketing Chicago.

3. Low Cost of Acquisition

Referrals are inexpensive to generate than any other type of customer. There’s no direct cost involved. Even if you used referral-generating tools such as social media marketing and email newsletter, the cost is much less than a customer generated through other forms of advertising.

4. Avoid Sticker Shock

Imagine having a great conversation with a prospective customer, thinking that you’re aligned and that there’s chemistry, only to lose them when they find out about the cost of your services. The advantage of dealing with referred clients is that they know what to expect.

5. More Likely to Make Referrals in the Future

According to statistics, referred clients are more likely to make referrals in the future. This can create an endless chain of referrals which will not only guarantee a stable flow of income but also keep the wrong clients out of your law practice.


Imagine spending thousands of dollars on a speculative campaign, when you already have existing resources at your disposal. Maximize your referrals, they are the low-hanging fruit when it comes to your law firm marketing.

Do you want to build a steady flow of referrals and repeat business for your law firm? dNOVO Group will help you create a marketing system that keeps you top-of-mind with your network and positions you as a credible legal expert.