How To Create A Client Retention Culture At Your Law Firm

How To Create A Client Retention Culture At Your Law Firm
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The hardest thing about being a lawyer is achieving a high client retention rate. There are so many reasons that clients leave and there is nothing you can do about it. Some will leave you for your competitor while others will leave because they don’t require your services anymore. The main reason why most clients leave is because they sense an atmosphere of indifference from your law firm or they are simply dissatisfied. These are things you can change. Here are a few tips you can use to retain clients.

Only pick profitable clients

With law firm marketing Chicago, your focus needs to be reaching out only to the profitable clients. Most lawyers ignore the big picture when chasing leads. You don’t want to be the attorney who signs up everyone that calls. To achieve a high client retention rate, you need to create a profile of profitable clients. Your firm is a business. If it doesn’t make money, you will be forced to render poor services or even shutdown.

Set expectations

Unmet expectations are another major reason why clients leave a law firm. From the day you sign up a new client to the very last day, you have to make sure that your client has realistic expectations of your services and the possible outcomes.

Good communication

Poor communication is the fastest way to lose a profitable client. Even if yours is a small firm or you are a solo attorney who is very busy, bad communication is a habit you must break. In addition to communicating with clients early, you need to use a language your clients can understand; leave the jargon out. Your communication has to be on your client’s level of comprehension. This is the key to preventing miscommunication.

Learn to listen

Prior to embarking on the most ingenious strategy in SEO for law firm Chicago, you need to understand your target clients. This requires that you listen. At times, legal consumers just need a sounding board. You may have dealt with numerous similar problems that a client is dealing with but it is new to them. Give them the courtesy of listening to their issue.

Be responsive

Taking too long to return calls and emails will cost you your clients. The most successful law firms return calls and emails within an hour of getting them. If you will be in court all day, have someone monitor your phones and email. You need someone that can give legal advice to respond to your calls and emails.

Maintain visibility

Last but not least, you need to be visible to your clients. Don’t only show up when there is money on the table. Even if you have associates, you need to ensure that you maintain some degree of visibility with clients throughout the duration of working on their case.

These are the simple practices that will help you create a client retention culture at your firm. There are many more things that you can do but the aforementioned points will get you started on the right path.