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Can Images And Videos Enhance SEO For Your Law Firm?

Have you been paying too much attention to written-word that you’ve forgotten the value that other types of content such as images and video and the impact they can have on your law firm website rankings? Written-word is certainly one of the most valuable assets on your web pages. If…

Have you been paying too much attention to written-word that you've forgotten the value that other types of content such as images and video and the impact they can have on your law firm website rankings? Written-word is certainly one of the most valuable assets on your web pages. If you ensure the words you write, whether blog posts or press releases, are relevant and high quality, then post them on a regular basis, you are likely to get good Google results over time. You could also boost the same posts and webpages by adding images and videos. This is why we highly recommend theuse of images and videos for law firm SEO.

Google loves all kinds of high-quality and fresh content

It's a misconception that Google only favors written word. New images and videos have a huge potential when it comes to boosting SEO rankings. You just have to do it right. The more content you have and the more frequently you add it, the higher your Google rankings will go. This doesn't mean that you should disregard your written copy and focus on images and videos. Written copy still remains the type of content that Google crawlers like best. The more types of content you have on your website, the better.

Work on your overall content strategy

When your web pages are being crawled, all kinds of content are assigned a different value. Google can actually differentiate between different types of content. The algorithms are designed in such a way that they can tell how often you update blog articles versus podcasts, videos, and images. You will only get the best results if you pay attention to your overall content strategy.

For instance, if you create a high-quality blog article that is 1500 words long and it provides users with useful information about law, the page would perform better if you add an infographic, images and a complimentary video. The content augments written copy which also boosts your SEO efforts.

Images and videos are loved by crawlers and humans too

We do many things to make our websites appealing to search robots and also users and this is one of them. Images and videos can be used as an effective marketing tool to grab the attention of your users. Remember, if you take time to create a great online presence and stand out, search robots will notice this and reward you with a higher ranking.

Put simply, images and videos enhance user experience. People love to look at things because it creates trust and relatability. Adding some visual content on your web pages will certainly take the user experience to a different level especially if it's properly done. Users are more likely to trust the source or engage with them when they see visual content on the webpage. Google is likely to reward sites that have taken a step to enhance user experience by adding images and videos on their web pages.

Building written content from visual content

It's not surprising that lawyers can run out of ideas of blog topics to write about. One easy way to come up with written content is to create it around a video or image you've published on your website. For instance, if you have created an infographic to explain a complex legal issue, you can build written content around it explaining the issue in words.

Ways to transform visual content to written-word

-Create a blog article to explain a video or bring attention to a new graphic you just uploaded on your law firm website.

-Create a landing page for the visual content and make sure you optimize it properly

-Create a new blog article by getting inspiration from the video content. The topic doesn't have to be the same but make sure it's relevant.

-After uploading the visual content, send out an email to your most loyal readers to let them know about the new content.

-Get the transcript of the video and post it on your website. This can, in turn, help you to further optimize the web page with keyword rich content which can also help users find it faster on your website.

Drive Organic Traffic with YouTube and Google Image Search

Uploading visual content on YouTube can help you to attract search traffic. You want people to be able to find your law firm in different search engines and since YouTube is the second largest search engine around, you don't want to miss out on this opportunity. The beauty of YouTube is that you can still host the videos on your website and they will still show up on Google Image search. There are some simple rules to follow when uploading visuals.

First, always include a link to your law firm, or a blog post/landing page, whatever is relevant to that video, on the description section when uploading the video on YouTube. This is a very important backlink that will enhance your SEO especially if you often upload videos on YouTube.

Secondly, come up with an SEO strategy for visual content. It's not enough to upload videos and images on your website every now and then. You need to ensure the visual content is properly optimized. Also, make sure the content is high-quality, relevant and rich.

Using visual content for social media marketing

Theuse of images and videos for law firm SEOextends to social media marketing. Speaking from experience, legal content performs better on social media when it includes images and videos. We've handled PPC campaigns for multiple law firms and we can say for a fact that Facebook is designed to favor content that includes videos and images in the ad. You can post the visuals on a wide range of social media networks not just Facebook and Twitter. Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat are platforms that are growing so fast and can give you some extra traffic.

Images and videos don't have to be too complicated or expensive for your law firm to create. You can get experts to create high-quality visuals for your law firm on a regular basis and begin reaping the SEO benefits.