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Good Reasons To Choose WordPress For Law Firm Website SEO

Choosing the right platform for your law firm website will help you to ensure your SEO efforts bear fruits. Many of our clients have come to us to recommend the best platform for their law firm website. SquareSpace, Wix, and WordPress are names that come up quite often. For many…

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    Choosing the right platform for your law firm website will help you to ensure your SEO efforts bear fruits. Many of our clients have come to us to recommend the best platform for their law firm website. SquareSpace, Wix, and WordPress are names that come up quite often.

    For many reasons, we recommend WordPress when it comes to law firm websites. If you need easy to optimize web pages, WordPress is an excellent choice for your law firm website. We'll get into more details in the paragraphs below as to why we recommend WordPress as the best choice for law firm website SEO.

    WordPress versus Wix and SquareSpace

    The fact that we choose WordPress for law firm websites doesn't mean that Wix and SquareSpace are horrible platforms that can't be used anywhere else. These are actually ideal if you need to create a simple website quickly by taking advantage of the drag and drop features. Both allow you to choose from a number of pre-designed themes and get a site up and running in a few minutes. The theme you choose will determine the overall look and feel of your website which can be somewhat limiting.

    Wix and SquareSpace have become very popular services over the years mainly because they are easy to use. What most people don't realize is that they may end up paying a lot of money in monthly subscription fees over the years. WordPress, on the other hand, works rather differently. To begin with, WordPress is free so you don't have to pay a monthly subscription fee. It's an open source platform that you can download and install at your wish.

    Should you consider Wix and SquareSpace?

    If you want to design a simple personal website that is unlikely to get a lot of traffic then you may consider any of these services. These services are also ideal for temporary projects or websites that only have a few static pages. You can use Wix as a temporary solution to have a website running until you invest in a more permanent platform. Drag and drop site builders have certainly made our work easy but they only make sense if you are not using the platform for business, marketing or expect client growth and sales through the web.

    Why it makes sense to use WordPress for law firm websites

    One of the main reasons we use WordPress for our lawyers and law firms is that it makes it easy to see SEO gains. It's a very powerful and effective platform to get your law firm out there.

    WordPress is a powerful CMS

    One of the best and most powerful features of WordPress is that it is an ideal content management system. When WordPress was first introduced, it was primarily known as a blogging platform. Content is a huge part of SEO. In fact, for any business to rise up the ranks in Google, you not only need a properly designed website but also high-quality, helpful and relevant content. Google algorithms love to see websites that add informative content on a daily basis. WordPress makes it easy for you to achieve this.

    WordPress allows you to create long-form web pages on your site every day. You can add videos, podcasts, images, press releases and more types of content to engage users and enhance SEO. As a powerful CMS, WordPress is able to manage all this content and ensure it is easily accessible to both users and website crawlers. If your aim is to get the most of law firm website SEO then choosing a CMS platform should be a top priority.

    WordPress is transferable

    Once you create your site with Wix or SquareSpace and you feel there's a need to move, transferring the site to another server will be difficult, if not impossible. The site is stored in their cloud and so it's hard to access your files. Even if you're able to access the files, the site will greatly depend on the service's themes so you can't simply paste the files on a different server and expect it to work. This is not the case when it comes to WordPress.

    Unlike drag and drop sites, WordPress is a platform that's incredibly transferable. Although you can't expect a theme that you used on WordPress to work on a different platform, you can always download the files and transfer it to a different server if you want to take advantage of features such as the CMS and templates.

    Extensive Plugin and Widgets Library

    With WordPress, you get a lot more plugins and widgets to choose from. These items are quite easy to locate and install because WordPress is a public platform that has been extensively used throughout the world. In fact, there are so many online communities that have reviewed and would recommend certain plugins and widgets for specific functions. There are even plugins that are specially built to simplify law firm website SEO.

    WordPress grows with your business

    If you're looking for a platform that is extremely scalable, choose WordPress. With some other sites, you can get to a point where you can't do anything else unless you start from scratch. With WordPress, there's simply nothing you can't do. The platform is very straightforward for the user as well as complex enough for the developer.

    As a lawyer or law firm, you don't need to be handling your own content, web design or marketing. You'd rather spend your time and expertise in another area that directly impacts on your business. We can handle your SEO needs making sure the platform we use is not only well-optimized but also appealing and informative to your users. We recommend using WordPress based web design to deliver impressive SEO results over the years. Reach out to us to find out why we are a highly rated agency when it comes to law firm website design and marketing.