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Helping healthcare facilities take their marketing game to the next level with exceptional medical video production services.

Video Production in Medical Marketing

Medical video production is the process of creating videos showcasing healthcare facilities and or medical procedures to potential patients.

dNOVO Group is a leading digital marketing agency that offers bespoke services to doctors, dentists, individual healthcare professionals and medical practices, depending on their specific goals and requirements.

Having an effective video marketing strategy is a prerequisite to stay ahead of the game. We help our clients leverage the power of video to strengthen their marketing strategy, connect with existing and potential patients, and grow their businesses.

After extensive research and effort, we are proud to present the perfect marketing system that helps you attract and secure new clients and grow your medical practice by using videos.

Why Should You Invest in Medical Video Production?

Did you know that 83% of people believe that video is a crucial form of content for marketing?

If your medical practice marketing strategy doesn’t include video, you must rethink your approach. Think beyond written web content, blog posts, newsletters, and written social media posts and get ready to speak directly to your audience and connect and engage with them like never before! In the modern marketing world, brand building and videography  go hand in hand.

In 2020, 92% of marketers reported that video is an integral part of their marketing strategy. The numbers have increased from 78% in 2015. When it comes to ROI, a whopping 88% of marketers reported that video earns them a positive ROI. Only 33% felt the same way back in 2015.

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It’s time for you to use videos to improve brand awareness, earn online prominence, and stand out from the competition.

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How Does Medical Video Production Amplify Your SEO Campaign?

Video marketing offers fantastic benefits for SEO. More and more people are relying on search engines to find solutions for health-related problems. The need for you to rank high is urgent now more than ever.

55% of Google keyword searches now involve videos. With videos, you can increase the chances of your content being seen by searchers before anyone else’s.

Here are the top three ways medical video production amplifies your SEO campaigns.

Enhances the Depth and Quality of SEO Content

Search engines prioritize quality content and want the users to have a seamless experience. Videos allow you to present valuable information efficiently, ensuring that users don’t only grasp it but also remember it for longer.

Telling your audience about something is one thing, and showing them why it is so great is entirely another!

Websites that offer video content perform better than others. When search engines see that your website yields high user engagement, answers all searchers’ queries, and provides a positive experience for the users, you’ll automatically be rewarded with a higher rank.

Encourages Users to Spend More Time on Your Site

Let’s get real; nobody has the time, patience, or interest to read through long paragraphs. While images help, they are no longer enough to make visitors stay on a page for long anymore. Healthcare marketers are focusing on videography to engage users and it seems to work wonders!

Videos ensure an excellent experience for your website visitors. Visitors are likely to spend twice as long on a page with a video than without one. You may also enjoy a 157% increase in organic traffic by adding a video on your page.

With video marketing, you can boost your click-through rates and lower your bounce rates. Ultimately, the top spots in search results will be yours!

Helps Earn More Backlinks

When people like a video they see, they like sharing it with others. This is especially true for videos shared on social media channels.

The presence of videos allows you to earn more quality backlinks related to your site content, which drastically improves your SEO rankings.

The key is to create engaging videos that your audience finds relatable and valuable. You may find several healthcare blogs wanting to write a feature about your content, which is an excellent opportunity for you to reach the masses as well as earn link equity from the backlink.

Types of Medical Practice Marketing Videos

According to a 2018 study, 85% of internet users like to watch online videos. Hence, you need to develop a variety of content that meets their unique needs and preferences. Typically, healthcare marketers utilize the following forms of videos to gain the attention of the audience.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos help promote your medical practice and bring in patients. Healthcare marketers create the following types of promotional videos to advertise and grow their business, depending on their specific goals and needs.

Virtual Office Tours

A great way to promote your facility is by offering virtual office tours for convincing patients that it is the best place for them to receive care and treatment.

Why wait to impress patients until they walk through your doors when you can create a video to show off your great your facility is!

From the waiting area to the examination room, cover everything in your videos to ensure maximum peace of mind for the patients.

Meet Our Staff

In the modern digital marketing world, it’s all about humanizing your connection with patients and showing that you genuinely care about them.

Your patients want to trust you with their health and wellbeing. You should show them you are capable of it.

Introduce your entire team in an engaging video, highlighting their skills, attributes, and experience that make them experts in their fields.

Special Offers

A promotional video announcing a big discount or special offer may spread like wildfire, earning your medical practice the attention it needs in the competitive marketplace. Make sure the announcement is clear and it reaches maximum people that may be interested in availing the offer.

Patient Testimonials

Nothing speaks louder about the credibility of your practice and the quality of your services than the words of the patients you’ve treated. Video testimonials allow viewers to feel the words on a deeper level.

Let your audience witness the genuineness in your patients’ expression and their enthusiasm for your practice.

Educational Videos

Another great idea for medical video content is to explain complex medical services using educational videos. It conveys the importance and benefits of your services while helping you gain the trust of your patients and connect with them on a deeper level.

You can create the following types of educational videos.

Specialty Education

You can address specific concerns or topics with specialty education videos. Talk about common medical conditions or DIY routes to preventing or treating them at home. Patients will see you as an expert and trust you for their medical problems.

Treatment Instruction Videos

Treatment instruction videos allow you to present step-by-step instructions for different procedures. You can help patients prepare mentally and physically for the pre and post-treatment period while conveying that you want to make their experience seamless and stress-free.

Procedure Videos

You should eliminate all confusion and doubts from the patients’ minds regarding a medical procedure.

Let’s create videos that describe the procedure in detail, shedding light on its benefits and what patients can expect when they opt for it.

Patient FAQs

You can make a video to answer questions about health problems, medical procedures, and your medical facility. It may be easier to understand and is likely to keep the audience engaged. A patient FAQs video also eliminates the need for personal interpretation and allows more depth of explanation and interaction.

Our Video Marketing Campaign Process

Your video marketing plan needs to be well-thought-out because it will guide the entire process right from the medical video production to the marketing stage.

Dive in to see how we do it at dNOVO Group!

Step 1: Determining Your Goals

Our video marketing experts identify your specific needs and goals. We like to create videos for each stage of your marketing funnel, starting with the most crucial stage. The stages include:


It involves defining patients’ problems and making them realize the challenges they’re facing.

In this stage, videos grab the attention of the audience by addressing their concerns and present your facility as their savior.

Leveraging our knowledge, skills, and resources, we will ensure that your videos reach a wider audience base and attract new patients!


In this stage, patients are actively looking for ways to overcome their problems. They start researching possible solutions, ask for recommendations, and watch reviews about different medical facilities.

We’ll help you come up with content that advertises your practice as a reliable, cost-effective option. Keeping the prospects engaged, we’ll stop them from looking for more options.


In this stage, we’ll help you stay on top of the audience’s mind.

During this stage, we will focus on convincing the prospects of your practice’s credibility and reputation.

We will help you explain how your medical facility is unique and why prospects should trust your services to receive the optimal level of care, support, and quality treatment.

You can trust our video marketing team for creating exciting videos for you! We’ll help you attract prospects, make your existing customers feel valued and appreciated, and boost your team’s morale.

Step 2: Identifying Your Target Audience

To ensure that your medical video marketing plan is successful, you need to know who you should be talking to. Our video marketing experts will help you create a buyer’s persona to define the needs and preferences of your ideal customer so that you can create video content accordingly.

We’ll help you figure out the following:

  • Who is your customer?
  • What’s your purpose for video creation?
  • Where does your target audience spend the most time?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you’ll know who your target audience is as well as where you can reach them.

Step 3: Writing Your Story

The video production process can get as creative and complex as you want it to be.

You must have an interesting story for exceptional video content.

We’ll make the whole process easy and fun by identifying the four core elements of your story.

  • A goal-oriented protagonist (a character aligned with your target demographic)
  • Conflict (a specific problem of your prospects)
  • Quest (your approach to introducing your service in the market)
  • Resolution (how you aim to solve your prospects’ problem)

We’re here to help you take your audience on an exciting journey while ensuring the story aligns with your practice’s mission and values.

Our video marketing experts will also help you figure out the tone of the story and the emotions it should trigger in prospects.

Step 4: Choosing the Right Equipment

At dNOVO Group, we leverage top-notch equipment and resources for filming and editing your videos. We strive to create high-quality videos with natural lighting and minimum camera movements and background noise.

From video camera and lights to microphones and editing software, everything we use is of the highest quality to deliver results that exceed your expectations.

Step 5: Mapping Out a Video Production Schedule

At dNOVO Group, we believe that a timeline for video production keeps you on track and holds you accountable. It’s all about completing the project within the deadline. We’ll help you come up with multiple timelines to guide you at every step so that you stay on top of your progress.

Below is a typical timeline that we follow for the video production process:

  • We take a couple of weeks for creative planning. We’ll brainstorm and come up with innovative ideas before the finalization of the plan.
  • The pre-production phase takes 2-3 weeks. We’ll help you create a production calendar, write and edit the script for your videos, onboard the required talent, and scout and book the ideal location.
  • The next week will be dedicated to video production, which involves filming shots, recording dialogues or voiceovers, and getting background footage.
  • We’ll spend two weeks working on post-production activities, including color corrections and sound editing to ensure your video gives off the desired feel and message.

Want your medical video production process to yield the optimal results without facing any unforeseen challenges and obstacles? You should be proactive and plan at least 7-8 weeks ahead of time to ensure everything from the video ideation to the distribution phase goes smoothly.

Step 6: Setting a Realistic Budget for Marketing The Videos

It is often a good idea to invest a little or a lot into promoting your video content on the Web using Social Media.

Based on your specific goals and requirements, we’ll help you determine a realistic budget. You can tell us how much you are willing to spend and where you want to splurge.

Our experts will explain how certain features may add to cost of video production; as well as the budgets required on social media advertising and how you can make the most of the available money and resources.

Here’s an overview of different types of videos that are popular among doctors and medical practices.

Custom Videos

These could be absolutely anything and the complexity depends on the settings, equipment used as well as the narrative. Actors, drones, camera rails as well as specialized editing and sound equipment often make for a great featured video. Some types of customized videos are about the clinic narratives, patient case studies, TV ad style promotions etc.

We’ll work with you to create engaging videos that grab the audience’s attention and maintain it until the end.

Stock Videos Insertion With Editing

You can use stock video footage along with filmed video content to convey your message if you don’t want to spend time and money on full-scale video filming and production. This is often a cheaper alternative and is often used for small, yet high impact advertising pieces.

Such projects are simpler in nature and may be less expensive than others.

The cost of stock videos mainly depends on the length of the video. It may include the purchase of the original stock footage, video editing, sound editing, and extensive feedback rounds.

Animated Videos

The cost of an animation video may vary, depending on its length and animation scope.

It is important to understand your audience and the use of such videos. They make a great explainer video and depending on the style can be used for both adult and children’s audiences.

Often, specific elements can be used on live footage or in the introductory elements of a customized video.

Blog / Testimonial Videos

While it is important to understand that these can be highly customized pieces of video content, more often than not, a specific set up is used to shoot a number of such videos in one setting. These types of videos are either educational or serve a marketing purpose and producing them in series is key.

Our video marketing experts usually shoot a series of these videos at your location and allow you and your customers to star in the videos.

How to Distribute Your Video

Choosing the right platform for video distribution is crucial for its success. Each distribution channel has its pros and cons. You may use all of them in a balanced way to improve brand awareness, attract new customers, and convert leads at every stage of the marketing funnel.

Popular video distribution channels include:

Owned Channels

Owned channels are an easy way to bring your video in front of a larger audience. Use them wisely to convey your message, as they’re the primary source of information about your medical practice. A few examples of owned channels include:


Posting your video on your website and other e-commerce pages invites maximum traffic and keeps the audience engaged as they browse. The more videos on the site, the better!


Your target audience may land on your blog page looking for medical information, educational content on specific procedures, or news regarding your facility and medical services. There can be no better way to keep them engaged than to use an exciting video packed with the information they are looking for!


Email offers a direct channel of communication between you and the prospects. You know that they are interested in your services and so, you can confidently embed a video in a personalized, automated, or promotional email and even with your monthly newsletter.

Social Media Channels (Organic)

Social algorithms are focusing more on video content. Users love watching and sharing videos on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.Posting your videos on social media channels is an easy way to promote your medical facility and reach the masses.

Paid Channels

You can also benefit from paid distribution across platforms. Even with a small advertising budget, you can reach a new, broad audience base.

You should consider taking advantage of the following paid distribution channels.

Search Ads

Search ads may not be compatible with videos yet but you can design a landing page for your video or use the power of high-volume relevant keywords. Whether your video is aimed at introducing a medical service or procedure or contains informative, educational content, you can drive the popular keywords to your page and earn huge returns.

Paid Social Media

You can run paid advertising campaigns on social media channels featuring your videos. You can target people from the desired location, age group, gender, and income levels to ensure your post will be seen by people who’re most likely to become your loyal customers.

Native Advertising

Native advertising is all about getting your videos embedded onto third-party websites. While the cost is a bit high, you can enjoy great returns when your content goes on highly relevant platforms.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is paid for by a party promoting another company. It is used to provide information to the audience. Sponsored content has a good chance of being shared organically, so your video will ultimately get a push after distribution.

Influencer Outreach

You can reach out to and collaborate with influencers with a lot of followers on social platforms and get them to promote your medical practice.

While you may find some social accounts willing to advertise your practice for free, famous influencers may ask to be paid for their service. You can discuss ideas with them and create a video that benefits both of you while engaging the audience.

Earned Channels

Considering the uncertainties involved in earned distribution channels, they may be tricky to work with. However, you can turn things in your favor by going the extra mile and putting in additional efforts to follow-up.

Here are a few ways you can benefit from earned distribution channels.

Social Media Sharing

Getting your content shared on social media channels is an excellent way to get started. You can schedule your posts on all social media platforms and encourage your family, friends, and acquaintances in the industry to share your post on their profiles. An easy way to get maximum people to share your post is by announcing a giveaway or contest.

Product Reviews

Product reviews work wonders when it comes to convincing your prospects of the effectiveness of your services. You can either invite influencers to try out your services and talk about it on their platforms or encourage your patients to write testimonials. The more positive reviews you gather, the higher your credibility will be!

Traditional PR

For traditional PR, you can reach out to site administrators in the medical and healthcare niche. They may be interested in featuring your medical practice in their newsletter or you can send your press release to them with your video link.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing refers to promotions done by influencers on social channels. It may include shoutouts, mentions, endorsements, and product reviews. The influencers may ask for a free product or service, reciprocal mention or shoutout, or an ongoing partnership in return.

Which Distribution Channel Should You Go for?

The best distribution channel depends on your specific marketing goals and strategy. At dNOVO Group, we recommend our clients to leverage the power of all three types of distribution channels. A little research and trial and error will help you determine the best fit for your medical practice.

Ready to capitalize on the power of medical video production to grow your business and achieve more sales?

Our video marketing experts are at your service to help you create a surefire strategy at super affordable rates. Contact us TODAY!

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