Tips for Legal Marketing to Generation X Consumers

Your legal marketing efforts should be targeted. A targeted message will resonate better with the targeted demographic since you will have their specific consumer behavior in mind. Generation X has been attracting the attention of marketers because they have greater spending power compared to other demographic segments and because they…

Your legal marketing efforts should be targeted. A targeted message will resonate better with the targeted demographic since you will have their specific consumer behavior in mind. Generation X has been attracting the attention of marketers because they have greater spending power compared to other demographic segments and because they have previously been ignored due to their being sandwiched between 2 influential generations, Baby Boomers and Millennials. Below are tips on how to target generation X consumers.

Who are Generation X Consumers?

Generation X is the term given to those born after the Baby Boomers. Although different demographers have varying endpoints for the Gen X phenomena, there is wide consensus that the timeframe for Generation X is between 1963 and 1980.

Generation X Consumer Behavior

  1. Generation X consumers embrace the Internet. While Baby Boomers did not fully embrace the Internet or “the web” as they popularly referred to it, Gen Xers accepted the technology. A study by comScore found that Gen Xers spend 37.4 hours online each month. Computers are to Gen Xers what TV was to Baby Boomers. According to a report titled “Purchasing Habits of Generations X and Y Differ Widely” by Nelson Barber, who is an associate professor of hospitality management at UNH, this makes them “shrewd online shoppers” with a “keen understanding of media and marketing.”
  2. Generation X consumers love to search. While millennials will only spend a few minutes searching for goods or services online and make their purchasing decision easily, Gen Xers are more skeptical towards marketers and will spend more time and look further for the information they need before they can make a purchasing decision. According to Nelson Barber’s report, Gen Xers also gravitate towards online text as much as they do to visuals.
  3. Generation Xers expect inclusion. Kaylene C. Williams and Robert A. Page wrote in Marketing to the Generations that “Savvy small business owners should master the art of subtle persuasion”. They said you should “educate them into buying.” And that you should “keep them in the loop by asking for their feedback and sharing information with them regularly.”
  4. Gen Xers demand reliability. Kaylene and Robert, in their book, say these consumers are “both cynical and sophisticated about products, ads, and shopping.” Their confidence is easily shaken.
  5. Gen X consumers love DIY projects. They take all challenges as an opportunity to learn. They will watch YouTube and read extensively to accomplish what they want.
  6. Gen Xers mostly learn new services and products from their friends (Benezra 1995a).
  7. According to an eMarketer study, of all the generations, brand loyalty is highest in Generation Xers. The study also showed that Generation Xers have an affinity for the finer things and luxury brands.
  8. A recent CrowdTwist study found that Gen Xers are responsive to loyalty programs and they like to engage with brands. 88% of the Gen Xers surveyed say they join loyalty programs to save money while 71% join for rewards. 85% of the surveyed Gen Xers report that coupons and discounts are the most important benefits they get from loyalty programs.
  9. Gen X consumers are using smartphones. According to an eMarketer report, as of 2011, the average age of a tablet and smartphone owner was 31.
  10. Generation Xers are usually active online between 8 PM and midnight. Gen Xers mostly access lifestyle and entertainment content at this time.

Tips for Marketing to Generation X Consumers

  1. Given that Gen X consumers are more skeptical and do more research before making a purchase decision, you should focus on providing facts. The facts should be visually and verbally rich and should be informative. Talk about specific cases you have won.
  2. The confidence of Gen Xers in products, services, and brands is easily shaken. For this reason, you should not promise more than you can deliver. You should follow-through and be consistent in all you do and treat them like family.
  3. Since Gen Xers are very hands-on, involve them in the case. This way, they will feel they have at least a small piece of their destiny in their hands.
  4. Given that Generation Xers do not mind having finer things and have money to spend, you should ensure your law firm does not look “cheap”. Do not feel shy to highlight high profile individuals you have represented (if client-lawyer privilege allows this).
  5. The fact that Gen Xers spend more time than millennials on government sites to get financial information and facts means government sites are good places to advertise your legal services. Be subtle in the advertising because paid Ads will not do. You could write opinion pieces and other type of content.
  6. You should target Gen Xers both on desktop and mobile devices given that most of them are using mobile devices.
  7. Generation Xers have some issues with authority, mostly because they grew up when parents were divorcing and the nuclear family was failing. This is also because they grew up in a period where the economy was either rising or falling and their parents were losing jobs and when politicians were all over the tabloids in major scandals. You should, therefore, use the right tone in the marketing and avoid sounding authoritative at all cost.
  8. To Gen Xers, respect is earned through time and experience. You should never hurry them – let them come to you in their own time. Tell them what “could be” and then let them make their own decision.
  9. Gen Xers check their emails on a regular basis and you should consider creating email lists. Unlike with Millennials, Gen Xers appreciate the standard mail. They grew up with letters and everything was sent in mail and they still maintain mail boxes. You could, therefore, explore direct mail as a way of reaching them to supplement your online efforts.
  10. Since Generation X consumers are looking for security for their finances, personal well-being, and families, incorporate this into your marketing. As an example, you could put it to them that your services stand to protect their assets even when they are not around so that their families can be comfortable.
  11. A big number of Generation X women are breadwinners or share the responsibility of bringing home the bacon. Melinda Marshall, the director of publications for the Center for Talent Innovation did a survey that found that of the nearly 3,000 college-educated, white-collar workers interviewed, 1/5 of Gen Xers make less money than their wives.
  12. Gen Xers are socially conscious. You will win points with them if they feel you are doing your part to leave the world a better place. Consider such things as engaging in community service, giving donations, and even recycling.
  13. Target Gen Xers between 8 PM and midnight as this is when they are usually using the Internet. This is mostly because they are usually busy with businesses/jobs and family during the day. Given that they usually access lifestyle and entertainment content online, make these opportunities for your ads.
  14. Do video marketing because Gen Xers are more likely to share them than articles and links. 81% of Gen Xers are on Facebook, with 48% of them being regulars. You should, therefore, consider sharing videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular social media outlets.
  15. Gen Xers, by virtue of their current age alone, are mostly in business or are experts or managers in their jobs. You should, therefore, give solutions that target their current jobs and businesses.

Hire an online marketing agency for targeted legal marketing

Targeting legal marketing trends to consumers is not easy since each generation has different behaviors. It is only a trained person who will know where to get Gen Xers and the best strategies to target them.

A digital marketing agency will have the tools necessary for the job, including monitoring jobs. Hiring a pro allows you to concentrate on running your law firm.