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Internet Marketing

Marketing Has Always Been About Connecting with the Right People at the Right Time and Place

In today’s world, where the Internet is used for everything from entertainment, to communication, shopping, and research, the best place for marketing is online.

Internet marketing is an inexpensive yet powerful way to market your brand. But, in a world where millions of businesses compete, it is vital that your brand stands out. This is where turnkey online marketing plays a vital role. dNovo’s turnkey approach to Internet marketing works holistically to ensure that all the elements in your marketing plan work together to build your brand.
Online marketing encompasses a wide range of activities such as SEO, social media management, paid search and email. All involve a different range of strategies. This is why the full 360 approach to marketing works so well. Using this approach, we can offer you a complete and cohesive Internet marketing strategy that will make your brand stand out from the millions crowding this digital space.


Website Design and Conversion Optimisation

Your website is the doorway to your business. It must be fast secure and responsive. It must also be easy to navigate. This is the only way to optimize your conversions. Since most digital searches are now conducted on smartphones, your website design must be responsive, able to migrate seamlessly between devices. Your website sells your business 24/7. Make sure that yours is the best in the industry.

Paid Search Management

Paid search management plays a vital role in a well-rounded marketing strategy. It does, however, require knowledge of best practice for decent returns on investment. The staff at dNovo keep abreast of the changing search engine algorithms so that your product will continue to attract traffic from organic search.

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Average Increase in Client Flow for The First 3 Months

Your Solution to a Well-rounded Internet Marketing Strategy

Our 360 Approach to Online Marketing Is Your Solution to a Well-Rounded Marketing Strategy That Will Bring  Your Brand into Homes Around the World

With offices in Toronto and Chicago, we also bring local knowledge to your industry. We have helped many happy clients in industries as diverse as construction, finance and real estate to grow their client base, turnover and profitability. We can help you too.


SEO a Powerful Source of Lead Generation

Content informs your customers of your products and services. Well researched and cleverly written SEO will help your business move up the search engine ranks. This ensures that your brand is presented to customers at a time that they are looking to buy products just like yours. This is the beauty of the organic search; your product is presented to the audience 24/7 across the globe.


Local SEO – Feet Through Your Door

Today, most people will search the Internet when looking for goods and services. Properly optimizing your business listing is an essential part of your marketing process. Ranking on the local SEO will not only increase your online traffic but your brick and mortar traffic too.


Remarketing – Reminding Previous Visitors to Your Site

Most of the users that visit your site will leave without making a purchase. However, these users are valuable. Our remarketing plan will remind them of your online presence, making them customers for the future.


Social Media Management - Vital Part of Your Internet Marketing Plan

With billions of people using the various social media platforms every day. If you’re not using social media to connect with your customers, you’re missing out. We can help you make the best of your online presence.


Video Production

63% of businesses now use video as part of their Internet marketing strategy. The dNova team of video production experts can help you to take advantage of the new trend in marketing.


Email Marketing

Reach your potential customers through email marketing without resorting to Spam. We have a team who will help you to connect professionally and productively.

Our Business Advisory Board

Combining the Experience of Leading Business Professionals in Their Respective Fields – a Key to Success

Grillo Barristers

Personal Injury Lawyers

Part of being successful is giving back to the community in more ways than one, and that has always been important to me and my practice.

Sall Grillo

For more than 30 years, Salvatore Grillo has been recognized for helping shape personal injury litigation in the Greater Toronto Area.

Howard Yegendorf & Associates

Catastrophic injuries Lawyers

Having a team of solid, caring people is key to success.

Howard Yegendorf

A personal injury lawyer with 35 years under his belt, recognized as a Specialist in Civil Litigation by the Law Society of Upper Canada. Howard has pleaded cases in the Superior Court of Justice, the Divisional Court and the Ontario Court of Appeal.

Matthew Jefferey

Canadian Immigration Lawyer

A custom unique approach to marketing is needed, formulating a complete plan to bring all elements into alignment

Matthew Jeffery

Mr. Jeffery, an Immigration Lawyer and a Certified Specialist, provides the full range of Canadian immigration appeal and litigation services, such as Judicial Review before the Federal Court of Canada, and Appeals to the Immigration Appeal Division.

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