Personal Injury Law Firm SEO Marketing

Yegendorf Rashid

Yegendorf Rashid has been the leader in Personal Injury Law in the Ottawa Valley for almost two decades. The firm is well known in the community and in the local media.

dNOVO Group was chosen as a digital marketing partner to propel the firm further in the online world.


Web Design for Law Firms

Yegendorf Rashid had several duplicate versions of their website on different domains. The existing websites were lacking a mobile version, and elements to encourage conversion.

The task at hand was to keep the overall look, yet amalgamate several duplicates and optimize the website for modern day use. Furthermore, the second step involved improving online exposure and positions through Search and Business Places Optimization.

Project Overview:

Turnkey – Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing

After working with multiple marketing firms in the past, the team at Yegendorf Rashid found their website performance to be lackluster. They needed to work with a single legal marketing agency that would take care of everything; social media, SEO and website design all into one marketing package.


The online presence of the firm was outdated and limited prior to working with dNOVO Group. Our first objective was to rework their online image. We have designed a new logo, consolidated existing websites into one, and built a fresh modern website that both looks good and converts well.

Law Firm SEO

After choosing a URL and optimizing the website for maximum conversion, it was time to focus on the SEO campaign. The goal was to establish the firm as an authority in the legal field, improve website traffic, boost reach, and generate new leads. After reviewing the market and researching potential strategies, we settled on high volume keywords to focus on and directed our efforts towards them.

Legal Marketing Formula

Website Consolidation – Several existing websites were merged into one, with proper URL structure and unique content attributes.

Content – Our team of legal content writers developed new content that highlights the services the firm offers, recent legal cases as well as blog articles relating to the industry.

Visual – The website was reworked and updated in order to be more modern and sleek, while keeping existing design. The goal was to maintain overall style, and incorporate the new logo, while improving on back end technology.

Conversion – In order to increase engagement and conversion added call to action buttons and forms, as well as testimonials and awards.

Back end – The backend of the website was restructured and cleaned for ease of use. This helps making any changes to the website as well as shortens the load times.

Content Marketing – dNOVO Group has reached out to various Legal publications, and association on behalf of the client in order to increase exposure in the industry.

Video Marketing – The marketing team focused on development of a Youtube video series that discussed various practice areas of the law firm and introduced the lawyers themselves to the would be clients.

Google Places Optimization – One of the key tasks was to optimize a local business listing on Google in order to appear for major category searches in the top 3 results. Our team has utilized client outreach strategies for positive review generation.

Search Results: Personal Injury Lawyer Ottawa

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Search Results: Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer

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Search Results: Injury Law Firm Ottawa

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Part 3: Long Term Strategies

Content – Adding new high quality legal content pages informing clients about injury practice areas is an integral part of the marketing strategy. This is further supplemented by additional content addressing various practice areas and exploring the topics further in detail.

Position Maintenance – Once a firm achieves the top position ranking for a specific keyword, it is important to maintain it. As competition further develops their marketing strategy and SEO it is important to stay ahead of the game. The team at dNOVO Group constantly innovates and improves your website, which in turn helps in maintaining and improving your Ranking Positions.


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