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York Credit Services

If you’re looking to reduce your debt in Canada the right way, York Credit Services is one of Canada’s top debt consolidation providers. For several years, they have been offering 5-star credit repair, credit counseling, income tax, business debt relief, and other financial services in Toronto and surrounding areas.To effectively expand its presence and build a successful online brand, the company decided it was time to partner with dNOVO Group in 2016. Our experts helped them increase brand awareness and website visibility through our comprehensive strategies. York Credit Services was able to reach more customers in a cost-effective manner, setting them up for success deep into the future.

About York Credit

Services They Provide

Debt Consolidation

If you’re struggling to pay off your debt, and it’s taking a toll on yourself and your loved ones, YCS can help. Their expert consultants will create tailored financial solutions that are ideal for your unique situation. They’ll create a budgeting plan that helps eliminate debt stress while seeking consolidation services in Canada. No matter how dire or uncertain the situation may seem – they guarantee their clients’ satisfaction with their newfound stability.

Income Tax Debt

If you’re dealing with tax-related anxiety and stress, you know how severe a creditor the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) can be. If not paid on time, you may incur huge penalties and interest payments – or even have your wages garnished or money withdrawn directly from your account. If this is a situation you are currently facing, you must speak to an experienced debt relief specialist about potential debt solutions as soon as possible to avoid any of these devastating consequences.

The CRA won’t budge on incomplete tax payments, so taking this kind of debt especially seriously is essential. York Credit can assist you in taking care of your tax burden before the agency enacts drastic measures that could interfere with your everyday life. They will help you calculate how much money you owe and also aid in filing any missing returns if needed. Don’t wait – let them provide you with guidance and peace of mind today!

Credit Repair

A below-average credit score can bring about several issues when applying for mortgages, car loans, or any kind of financing. Since lenders rely on your capacity to repay the money you borrow, they will have reservations about offering their services. Fortunately, York Credit repair service is here to help improve your credit rating. With it, prepare for more favorable terms and conditions from creditors as you apply for a loan.

From payday loans and high-interest debt to income tax issues, foreclosure debts, and student loan bills – they can tackle any challenge that’s preventing lenders from approving you.

Credit Counselling

YCS credit counseling service is here to help you take control and achieve financial stability. Through budgeting, education, and proven tools, their certified counselors will evaluate your debts, income, and expenses to identify the best way out of your debt while reducing or eliminating high-interest rates on credit cards.

When you feel unable to eradicate debt alone, they are here to assist with connecting you to a fitting debt management program. Serving as the liaison between yourself and creditors, their team will collaborate on building an agreeable repayment plan while negotiating any reductions of interest charges. Their mission is that through this process, your debts can be overcome efficiently and successfully.

Process of Credit Counseling York Credit Follows

Credit Counselling is often a lengthy and involved process. At York Credit, it has been divided into three key phases, each of which deserves your attention:

Financial Assessment

A key component of the credit counseling process is understanding your present financial state. They will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to get precise figures for your income, assets, expenses, and debt categories. The accuracy and depth of this assessment are essential as you must be completely transparent with the credit counselor to effectively create fitting solutions that allow you to quickly overcome any debt burdens. Your daily lifestyle should also provide valuable insight into further assisting the development of these customized options.

Although financial assessment can be an intimidating experience, it is a critical part of the process, and their credit counselor will help you every step of the way. This could cause some anxiety as many people feel like their privacy is being violated; however, understanding your debt situation has long-term benefits for anyone who wants to make sound financial decisions in their life.

Debt Solutions

The financial assessment will provide YCS with significant insight into how best to guide you toward a financially secure future. With no experience in debt management, it can be difficult for you to make competent decisions alone. Fortunately, as credit counselors, they possess ample knowledge and expertise when dealing with all sorts of debts and circumstances associated with them. Therefore, they help you get started on your path toward financial freedom. Their experience and expertise allow them to determine the most advantageous route for you to take to efficiently handle your debt once and for all. This could include paying off a few smaller debts first, negotiating with creditors, or taking part in a consolidation program, all of which they would be more than happy to discuss with you.

Money Management

One of the fundamental reasons many people tumble into debt is due to their failure to properly manage their funds. As a result, York Credit Services has developed an approach that seeks to construct each person’s capacity for independent fiscal governance. This process culminates in a comprehensive series of steps intended to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to manage financial matters independently.

Challenges We Faced

From the moment we commenced our collaboration with York Credit in 2016, we evaluated their website’s state, general online visibility, and how they were positioned on search engine results pages (SERPs).

The website design was outdated. Constructed in 2013 with a defunct template, several technical issues, security breaches, and a visual design that wasn’t helping users convert. Only six pages of limited content were available on the site, and the contact form was not operational.

There were only a few listings on prominent sites such as Yelp! and Yellow Pages with minimal backlinks and zero citations – resulting in a lack of any rankings whatsoever.

It was a massive challenge to figure out where the domain and website were being hosted. Four domains in total spread across multiple registrars with limited access to York Credit. After numerous hours of hard work, we managed to move all domains under one roof, ensuring full control over their online properties – taking us weeks but worth every second.

Website Redesign For York Credit

The technical team at dNOVO Group was determined to tackle the backend issues while our creative professionals set out on a mission to craft an updated look for the front-end of the website. With no concept in place, we had no choice but to start from square one – creating custom back-end functionality and designing a modern front-end with streamlined navigation and user-friendly contact forms and layout. We were determined not to leave any stone unturned. Our journey was thrilling because the owner of York Credit was deeply involved and had a clear idea about what his brand should look like – making our job much simpler.

On-Site Optimization

New Website

It wasn’t just a “makeover”. The website’s technical aspect needed an overhaul. The previous site had been built with a subpar free template that was difficult to use and secure; in fact, it had already been hacked twice before our client approached us for help. Moreover, the website lacked compatibility with popular SEO plugins – another issue we rectified straight away. Reliable backend development was essential for a successful future SEO strategy, and WordPress provided the ideal CMS for this new website; however, custom coding allowed it to be both flexible and easy to use.

Mobile-Friendly Version for Users’ Comfort

On April 21, 2015, Google launched an update to their search engine that was nicknamed “Mobilegeddon” by webmasters and developers. This algorithmic shift placed greater emphasis on websites that had been optimized for smartphones and other mobile devices in terms of layout, design, and loading speed. However, it did not affect search results made from computers or laptops.

With an outdated desktop site, this lack of a high-converting mobile website was hindering the company’s success. Many of their competitors were taking up new customers, mostly mobile users. We made sure to launch a website that ticked all the boxes and then some!


What is HTTPS?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, otherwise known as HTTPS for short, is a protocol used to ensure secure communication on computer networks such as the internet. Through data encryption between client and server during transmission, HTTPS helps maintain your website’s security by ensuring that eavesdroppers cannot listen in or tamper with your data and that no unauthenticated forging can occur.

What is SSL?

‘SSL’, or Secure Socket Layer, and ‘TLS’ – Transport Layer Security are both cryptographic protocols that safeguard communications over a computer network. Generally, if a website wants to secure the transmission of its information between its server and your device, they obtain an SSL certificate with an encryption key. This then is placed on the web server for maximum security measures.

In 2014, Google proclaimed that sites with HTTPS encryptions would be granted higher rankings in search engine result pages. This is beneficial for companies striving to stay ahead of their competitors online. But don’t worry; those websites not protected by secure protocols will remain free from penalties! In September 2016, Google signaled the start of an extensive mission to recognize all HTTP pages as non-secure. As part of that effort, they announced that beginning January 2017, Chrome version 56 and up would feature a security indicator within its address bar on webpages with password or credit card fields.

The lack of an SSL Certificate could compromise their SEO rankings in the near future. This would be a shot in the foot, considering the amount of work we had put into improving their organic visibility. Therefore, we took immediate action and had our technical team install an SSL Certificate on the site to guarantee Google that it is secure enough for search engine results pages.

Off-page Optimization

Google Maps

We began localizing our campaigns to take our marketing approach to the next level. Our first step was creating Google listings for each of their physical offices and then optimizing them with customized citations. This strategy proved effective as it increased their rankings to the top three search results across multiple cities!

Another necessary aspect of Google Maps marketing is none other than reviews. We have always suggested our clients avoid deceitful evaluations and provided them with a powerful approach to inspiring their customers to write reviews about them. Bear in mind that many individuals weren’t as tech-savvy in the past, making it difficult for them to leave reviews on Google.

To simplify things, we crafted instructions and created short links that easily guide people through the review process, allowing York Credit to benefit from increased visibility and trust. York Credit strategically placed these guidelines in the areas where their customers waited for their meetings so that they could easily access them when needed. By providing straightforward instructions, many York Credit clients were able to easily share their experiences.


Backlinks or inbound links play an imperative role in website optimization. They are the essential link from one website to another and can vastly enhance visibility on search engines as well as generate organic traffic. In today’s digital marketing world, having quality backlinks is key to success! Each backlink should be carefully selected for the best results, as links from substandard websites can do more harm than good. During our many years of experience in SEO, we have noticed that some sites get completely blacklisted from search engine results due to the overuse of low-quality and spammy backlinking websites. When faced with such a problem, it can be daunting to try and remedy the issue. Getting Google to re-index your website and restore its visibility in search results is not always easy.

When York Credit came to us, their backlink profile was flawless. There were not many backlinks built beforehand, nor were there any Google penalties present – it felt like having a clean slate. Every single link we created for them had been thoroughly scrutinized before implementation. The major criteria were:

  • It must have a robust online presence and organic traffic;
  • It must not have any Google penalty;
  • It must be of tangible value to the local communities;

Primarily, we relied on prominent Canadian online magazines, for example, Ontario Business Journal, Newmarket Today, Now Toronto, and others. This strategy was ideal, ensured an impressive online presence for York Credit, and resulted in higher ranking results.

Content Marketing Strategy

We started producing fresh content as soon as keyword research and competitive analysis were completed. We conducted extensive research on the services York Credit offers. On their former website, all of their services were detailed on a single page with only one or two lines as descriptions.

This type of content would not produce desired search engine rankings, and it would lead to keyword competition centered around just one page. In essence, Google would be overwhelmed by the number of keywords this page has been optimized for, thus not recognizing it as relevant to either term.

By separating each service and crafting exclusive content, we ensured that the website met all Google regulations. The written material we provided was also optimized in order to maximize the visibility of these pages on the SERPs. Additionally, we also ensured that back-end optimization was seamlessly executed, with ALTs and META tags included, as well as tracking codes and schema markup.

Our client’s services were available in multiple cities and had only a few offices, so we honed in on local SEO to maximize our efforts. We developed and optimized a custom page for every location to maximize their presence in each city.

York Credit Website Conversion

Regardless of how visually appealing a website looks, conversions matter most. When constructing YCS’ new website, we devised a well-thought-out plan:

  • We made sure that accessing contact details, like telephone number and street address, is now a breeze.
  • By providing website visitors with multiple communication options, they can easily connect – whether it be through a phone call or submitting an online form.
  • To ensure visitors can easily get in touch with YCS specialists, well-placed call-to-action (CTA) buttons are incorporated throughout the website, especially after each informative paragraph.

To go above and beyond, we installed conversion tracking codes and tailored our tactics to data-driven insights. These are still being reviewed from time to time to ensure the metrics are relevant.

Work in Progress – Positive Results so Far

Since the start of the project, we have witnessed a significant increase in organic search traffic to York Credit’s website. The average web session duration has also grown by 20%, suggesting that visitors are more engaged with the content and services. We have also seen an improvement in overall website performance, resulting in a decrease in bounce rate by 18%.

There has also been a 130% increase in clients, indicating the success of our conversion tactics. In addition, we have noticed a 90% rise in customer service requests, which is indicative of how website visitors are now more comfortable engaging with York Credit’s services.

York Credit has appeared on the top 2 pages of search engine results pages (SERPs) for 40 of their service keywords. This result is a testament to our optimization tactics, indicating how effective our content marketing strategy has been in producing the desired ranking results. Last but not least, we have helped York Credit upload a total of 50 videos on YouTube and are now ranking for more than 200 pages in SERPs.

What’s Next?

We are confident that with continued effort and monitoring, we can continue to improve upon these results even further. Content is and will always be king. For this reason, we are going to work extensively on blogs and articles, and devise a pay-per-click campaign focused on ROI. We intend to continue the optimization process and further improve the website’s performance.

We are confident that with our guidance, York Credit Services will be able to maximize its online presence, increase clientele and eventually become a household name in the Greater Toronto Area. We have enjoyed working on this project and look forward to continuing our partnership with York Credit.

If you are a forward-thinking business looking for digital success, dNOVO Group can help you. Get in touch with our team today to discover the multitude of innovative digital marketing solutions that we offer and get started on your journey to success.

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